Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Hyoid bone

 This is a short pattern for the hyoid bone, a small bone underneath the jaw that is the only human bone in the human body that doesn't articulate with any other bone. This hyoid is life-sized, and forms part of my life-sized anatomically correct skeleton pattern series.



You will need:

  • A 1mm crochet hook
  • Rico essentials #10 crochet cotton in white
  • A pair of scissors

Ch3Round 1: sc in the 2nd chain st from hook, make 3sc in the first chain st you made, then make 2sc in the back of the first chain st you crocheted into (6sc)Round 2: Sc in each stRound 3: Sc, Sc2tog, sc, sc2tog (4sc)Rounds 4 - 9: (6 rounds) sc in ecah tRound 5: Sc, make 2sc in the next st, sc, make 2sc in the last st (6sc)Round 6: Sc, make 2sc in the next st, sc2, make 2sc in the following st, sc (8sc)Round 7: Sc3, make 2sc in the next st, sc, make 2sc in the following st, sc2 (10sc)Round 8: Sc in each stRound 9: Sc, hdc5, sc4Round 10: Sc, make 2sc in the next st, sc8 (11sc)Round 11: Slip2, hdc6, slip3Round 12: Sc in each stRound 13: Slip3, hdc5, slip3Rounds 14 - 17: (4 rounds) sc in ecah stRound 18: Slip4, hdc5, slip2Round 19: Sc in each stRound 20: Slip4, hdc6, slip1Round 21: Sc4, sc2tog, sc5 (10sc)Round 22: Sc5, hdc5Round 23: Sc in each stRound 24: Sc2tog, sc, sc2tog, sc5 (8sc)Round 25: (note that this is slightly more than a single round) Sc3, sc2tog, sc2, sc2tog (6sc)Round 26: Sc, sc2tog, sc, sc2tog (4sc)Rounds 27 - 32: (6 rounds) sc in each stRound 33: make 2sc in the first st, sc, make 2sc in the next st, sc (6sc)Stuff the central sectionRound 34: Sc in each stRound 35: Sc2tog, sc, sc2tog (4sc)Fasten off

That's all from this pattern - I hope you've enjoyed it! If you have any questions please email them to and I'll do my best to answer them asap. If you want to keep up to date with what I'm currently working on the best way is to follow me on my Instagram.
As always you're very welcome to sell finished products but please don't re-post this pattern or claim it as your own.  Also if you post any photos of your work I'd really appreciate if you tagged me or linked to my work in some way. Thank you!

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