Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Life-sized human digestive system

 This pattern contains links to all of the digestive system patterns I've created, plus details on how to put them all together. It also contains the pattern for making the oesophogus (as this was too simple to merit a pattern of its own)



You will need:
For the oesophagus:
With a 2.5mm hook and coral pink yarn ch12
Round 1: sc in the first chian st you made, then sc in every following chain st to make a loop (12sc)
Rounds 2 - 78 (77 rounds) sc in each st
Fasten off

This should reasure approx. 25cm long (you may wish to alter the number of rounds if this is not the case). Stuff the length of it.

To make up:
The bottom of the oesophagus should be sewn to the opening of the stomach, as shown below.
After this you should sew the start of the small intestine to the lower end of the stomach

Sew the end of the small intestine to the hole in the side of the large intestine.

Sew the appendix to the start of the large intestine, as shown below

Sew the gall bladder underneath the liver
Then sew the pancreas to the curve at the top of the small intestine. It should tuck behind the stomach, as shown below.
Sew the free end of the gall bladder to the side of the small intesting, as shown below.

That's all for this pattern - I hope you've enjoyed it! If you have any questions please feel free to email them to
As always you're very welcome to sell finished products, but I do ask that you don't re-post this pattern or claim it as your own.

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